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Legends: Montgomery, 16/02/1977. Elvis, amused, observes Kathy while she dresses and tries to take off the pants that were meant for Lisa Marie.

"A man there was, and they called him mad; the more he gave, the more he had." - Bunyan.

It really took years for Elvis to convince me that learning to receive a gift was as important to the spirit as giving one. My attitude towards this affected my relationship with him from the very beginning. He was a giver from the time he was barely old enough to walk. Vernon told me of the tricycle he and Gladys had saved up for by eating corn flakes for two weeks only to find that Elvis continually gave it away. "I was constantly going from place to place to recover that trike. He loved it, but loved more the look on someone's face when he gave it to them. I think you'd better learn to accept 'something' from him or you are in for a tough road."

I was by this time in my life a very independent person, and that... coupled with those around him who constantly took advantage of him by 'hinting' they wished they had this or that made this more difficult for me. Elvis continually instructed me to "Allow the Giver to Give the Gift".

"Well," he said one day, "I have a plan to force you to learn this lesson. You Will Not be able to say 'No, Thank you' now, I'll tell ya"!

And a plan he had.

He began giving me... on stage, in front of the audience, mind you, so that I could not say "no," without embarrassing myself, the underwear that was tossed at him from women in the audience. He was so proud of himself for thinking of this, and to this day I have a chest of drawers full of... well... 'drawers' and bras, etc. If I left them on the side of the stage, he had them delivered to my dressing room packaged up, and if I left them there, he handed them to me again. He insisted I keep them. "I will do this until you learn this lesson".

I meant to one day devise a plan... a clever plan like no other to return them to him. Just never did. As I had no time during our five week runs in Vegas, I'd just end up saying, "Oh, no… another batch, I haven't thought of a way to give back to him" and lug them home to my little ranch in California... threw them in a chest of 'drawers' in a storage shed.

In this video, someone tossed up a little 'jumper' outfit intended for Lisa, tiny pants with straps to hold them up, almost like suspenders but made of the same material and part of the little pants outfit. He decided and says on this video, "Kathy,.. I have a Gift for you", in his most mockable little voice along with that smile he had when he was about to pull one on you (I have a photo of this that is not 'handy' at the moment... will add that later).

I decided to call his bluff this time and began to put them on. I got them up part way, but could not get them "off" as they were just too small and tight. It was not a pretty sight. 

Thus, I began to have 'second thoughts' about perhaps learning this lesson, no matter how I felt about just earning 'my own' or what was occurring with others around. And yes, I began accepting a gift now and then when it 'felt' right. My chest of drawers was and is full and I'm not certain today that this ended the gift giving on stage.

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