I awoke a little after noon this time, and decided to "dial 0" for room service. I was starving for breakfast and coffee, coffee, coffee. That red light on the phone blinking away reminded me I needed to call home, and I really needed to talk to my "Mommy", lol.

Mom answered in her usual cheerful-self voice.

"Mom! I...I need to tell you something...want your advice on something, but first, why do we need to change that phone number?"

"Wel-l-l-l-l" she giggled, "we've had a few odd calls in the middle of the night. People asking for you and for Elvis! Can you believe this?"

"Nooooooooooooooooo!...Oh,Mom! I don't know what on earth this IS! I don't know how to begin to find out! I'll ask Elvis tonight what we should do, sure and let me know what the number is so I can let everybody know." I told her what was occurring with the operators downstairs. She was in a state of dis-belief.

"This is...I don't know...this is...what is this? Just a few days ago everything was so 'normal'...and now...I don't know...I...Daddy and I don't know what exactly to do about all this. But don't you worry! We'll handle it .Did you say you'd ask Elvis? Do you talk to him?" Mom knew how I had felt when joining this show, and I had told her not to tell anyone what I was doing (remember...I was embarrassed and didn't want any of my peers to know).

"Uh-huh". I replied. "That's what I want to talk to you about. Mom...he's nothing like we thought he would be! Nothing! He's brilliant! He's, just wonderful. Daddy should hear him sing! He wouldn't believe it! He's actually even developing a 'bel-canto'style and it is...his's so powerful now! He looks better than he ever has and he has more of "it" than any star I've ever seen. He just is the greatest entertainer I've ever witnessed or worked with, and all he has to do really is...well...just walk out on stage! He's incredible, really. So sweet, kind of shy, but funny...yes...he's funny. And you know all those books in my library? He and I have the same books! He is really...well...he has the same questioning and curious mind! He's well-read, self-educated! And he's no southern hillbilly type! He talks fast, thinks fast...I can't explain it really. He's just NOT the person anyone would think he was. His image is so different from who he really is! You wouldn't believe how many different genres of music he knows all about! And,Mom,...we've become friends, but...well...he likes me and I like him."

"Well, that's nice,Kathy" she replied.

"But...he wants to date me, Mom. And he's married...but he's dating other women now. He says he and his wife are not committed to each other, that they each have an agreement...but I...well, I don't know. I do know that I like him and would like him as a friend, though."



"I'm here...Well,... I think... this may be one time that you have to decide what to do yourself, Kathy" That is not what I wanted to hear, but..

"That's the problem,Mom. I am going to regret 'not' getting to know him, and I'm going to probably regret 'getting to know him'. I just know I really like him, but..."

"You've always known what is 'right' and what is 'wrong', Kathy. You still do. You'll have to find out what the situation really is, go from there."

"He's definitely dating, I do know that for a fact, but...Mom! I have just begun getting over "you know who" and not being distracted by him, and's Elvis. This is so different! (I had fallen in love a few times, and the last one I was just beginning to get over). He's not my type at all, Mom! But I love his heart! And his mind!"

"Uh-oh. Well, sounds like you need to really find out everything you can,but...Just be careful, Kathy. Be careful. Just as you always have been."

"I will be,'s just so complicated! And not just because of his personal situation! You know I don't want to even think about any serious relationship right now. I can't! Daddy was right when he advised me never to allow myself to get serious about any man unless I was ready to quit singing as a career. And I just now...just this past few years have become established well enough and in a good position to go even further, and ...?"

"This may not be an issue you can resolve in a split-second, Kathy. Take your time here."

"That's what I plan to do, but, this is very confusing. Also, his whole world is's crazy!" I'm not really comfortable or at peace in most of it, but... I do love singing with him, and can't get enough of talking with him! Really incredible, even though I still keep asking myself what on earth I'm doing in his show, you that old cliche..."duck -out- of -water" feeling. Oh, well, I'll be home soon, and if anyone calls with any change of my schedules, just let them know I'll be there. Remember to let me know the new phone number."

We hung up and I was still baffled by "everything", and no closer to making any judgement than I'd been before I talked to Mom. I ate breakfast, drank a huge pot of coffee, and still fell back to sleep for just a little while longer, while wondering, "What will tonight with Elvis be like? What will I regret doing or not doing in this "not-black -and- white" nor "easy -to -decide- space" I'd found myself in. I also had a very clear memory of my very first audition. Daddy had taken me at the age of 16 to sing for a conductor he had sung the lead tenor roles for in his productions for years. Jay Rubinoff, who was at the time I sang for him, the conductor of the orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl. He raved about my voice, how great it was, but...(another HUGE "BUT")...he advised me to forget about trying to make a career out of singing. "Do something else, Kathy, to make a living. Music has changed beyond anyone's expectations now, because of this guy called Elvis. And it's changed everything...everything...all over the world." Daddy and I had left that day un-faltering though. Daddy said, "You'll find a place, Kathy. There still is a place 'somewhere' for a soprano like you, in spite of what Elvis has done to change all of us...we...'classical singers' career options." I had prayed to God daily to guide me...and never, never asked Him for anything but to place me wherever He wanted me to be, wherever He thought He could use the gifts He had given me. I had realized I had God-given gifts, had determined to exercise use them, devoted my years so far to developing them, particularly the Voice, and yet...I drifted off thinking I didn't have the faith and trust at this moment, considering where I had ended up. "This can't be where I should be right now!", I was thinking. " Oh, well, I'll be home soon, and get back on the track You want me on."

(To Be Continued)