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Watch the report by TVI on the Barbershop Elvis Museum and interview to Aníbal Simão and Célia Carvalho.

 Watch Francisco Peças singing
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me.

Elvis 100% Fan Club was contacted by the TV channel, TVI, since they would have a piece in their show "The Afternoon is Yours", hosted by Fátima Lopes, that would be titled, "I Do Anything for My Idol". Therefore - and after the great advertising in all the media following the promotion the fan club did to the party "Elvis & Friends" that took place in Oliveira de Azeméis on 2 February 2014 - TVI also wanted to have Mr. Aníbal Simão in their show and do a report on his barbershop museum dedicated to Elvis.

Célia Carvalho, in the makeup room.Backstage at TVI - Aníbal Simão, Célia Carvalho and Francisco Peças.

The contacts were exchanged, many emails and phone calls and, on 19 February, we were all present at the show, as well as the Elvis tribute artist, Francisco Peças, to end the piece with a performance, which happened, with his fine interpretation of You Don't Have to Say You Love Me.

Delfim Miranda and Célia Carvalho.Delfim Miranda and Francisco Peças.
Putting the microphone in Célia Carvalho.Aníbal Simão, in a report about the barbershop.

On that same piece another idol was represented, Michael Jackson who, incidently, was suggested by Célia Carvalho when TVI asked what other idol could they present in the show, since they had ran out of ideas and wanted to have fans of two idols! And so, the Michael Jackson tribute artist in our country, Delfim Miranda, was also present in the show and in the same piece.

Aníbal working at his barbershop.Aníbal, being interviewed.
Aníbal Simão, being interviewed by Fátima Lopes.Some of the things that Aníbal took from the museum.

We have tried for TVI to also present in the show the Elvis tribute artist, António Carlos Coimbra, since he is also a fan who "does anything for his idol" and, after all, everything was published everywhere because these two tribute artists appeared to sing in the same party - and that was what truly was the news. But, unfortunately, TVI prefered to just present Francisco Peças, saying that António Carlos Coimbra would be showcasted in another opportunity. We hope this is just not an intention!

Célia Carvalho, being interviewed by Fátima Lopes.Célia Carvalho, being interviewed by Fátima Lopes.
One of the drawings by Célia Carvalho, exhibited on the show.One of the drawings by Célia Carvalho, exhibited on the show.

The interview done to Aníbal Simão, which lasted around 12 minutes, also counted with the participation of Célia Carvalho, who was briefly introduced in the conversation by Fátima Lopes.

Francisco Peças singing You Don't Have to Say You Love Me.Francisco Peças live.
Emília Faustino and Célia Carvalho.

Aníbal Simão took with him some pieces from his museum, which were on exhibition in the show. The same way, Célia Carvalho took some of her Elvis drawings, framed and exhibited in the show, as well as a giant photo of the Elvis mansion, Graceland. All this, together with a beautiful Elvis screen, composed the stage of "The Afternoon is Yours". We want to thank TVI for their interest, as well as for their invitation and hope that this was not the last initiative of that TV channel regarding Elvis and that, in a another opportunity, we have more time to talk about our idol and share with the big public not so well known information on him.

Francisco Peças with Fátima Lopes.

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