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Adam and Evil

(Fred Wise & Randy Starr)

Elvis sang this Fred Wise - Randy Starr composition in his 1966 film, Spinout. Adam and Evil was recorded in February 17, 1966 at Radio Recorders.

Elvis - Original

Elvis - Movie version


Now Adam and Evil they go hand in hand
Eve taught him sin that's the way it all began
But every time you kiss me my heart pounds like a drum
So trouble is a woman trouble here I come

I'm lonely like Adam you're evil like Eve
I shouldn't take forbidden fruit 'cause I believe
I'll be heading straight for heartache I should cut loose and run
But if loving you means heartache heartache here I come

1. You're not the angel that I dreamed about
But you're the devil I don't want to live without
A woman's a woman a man is a man
I can't be free I'm just putty in your hands
Who cares about tomorrow I need your love tonight
And even if you're evil baby hold me tight

1. (repeat)

Hold me tight
Hold me tight
Hold me tight

Where it was released:
First released in the album Spinout 
- Spinout (1966) 
- Spinout (1980) 
- Double Features: Spinout / Double Trouble (1994)
- Out In Hollywood (1999) - FTD 
- Spinout (2004) - FTD 

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