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(Arrangement and music - Elvis Presley)

Aloha-Oe (which means Farewell To Thee) was written by the Queen
Liliuokalani, from Hawaii, in 1878. A sentence of the song was inspired by There's Music In The Air (1854), by Francis Robert Crosby and George Frederik Root. Bing Crosby recorded the song in 1936 (Decca 880). In 1938 Harry Owens had a popular version of Aloha-Oe (Decca 1907). The song was heard in the movie Hawaii Calls.

Elvis recorded Aloha-Oe on March 21, 1961, at Radio Recorders for his film, Blue Hawaii. The commercial release was a mix of two different takes.

Elvis - Original

Elvis - Versão do Filme

Queen Liliuokalani - 1878

Bing Crosby - 1936


Andy Williams - 1959

Tia Carrere - 2002

Johnny Cash - 2010



Ha 'aheo ka ua i na pali / Proudly sweeps the rain clouded by the cliffs
Ke nihi a'e la i ka nahele / As onward it glides through the trees
E uhai ana paha i ka Liko / It seems to be following the Liko
Pua Ahihi Lehua a o uka / The Ahihi Lehua of the valley

Aloha-oe, aloha-oe, e ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace, a ho'i a' e au
Until we meet again
Until we meet again
Till we meet again

Where it was released:
first released on the album Blue Hawaii »
- Blue Hawaii (1961) »
- Blue Hawaii (1977) »
- Blue Hawaii (1980) »
- Blue Hawaii - Deluxe Edition (1997)
- Close Up (2003) 
- Blue Hawaii (2009) - FTD »
Bootleg Releases:
- Leavin' Up To You (1980) - Audifon Records
- The Blue Hawaii Box (1981) - Laurel

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