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António Carlos Coimbra was born in Lisbon. He spent his childhood in the Portuguese colony of Mozambique until he returned to Portugal.

In 1977, while he was a child, he listened to Elvis singing on the radio. His mother was crying because the King had died and she loved his music. António Carlos started to get acquainted with the King's work after his death. He fell in love with his music, as well as with the art of other singing names of the same period, but Elvis was always special.

The child grew up and later on became a musician. He sang and played the guitar in several bands and as a solo artist. He has a similar voice to the King (access the website of the artist to check it out). After he has edited some albums of originals and cover versions, he has decided to pay tribute to the man who most influenced his music.

And this is how António Carlos started his tribute show to the King.

E foi assim que António Carlos começou com o seu espetáculo de homenagem ao Rei.

He was the winner at the Elvis Fest of Las Vegas, in 2011, in the category of "Best Appearance".


(Track 2, Simply the Best, is playing in the background)

On 8 March 2015, during the event "Elvis & Friends 2015", to celebrate Elvis' 80th Birthday and the 14th year of activity of Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'!, António Carlos Coimbra released a CD - "The Songs Elvis Didn't Sing". This CD contains 12 songs, sung with the artist natural voice (very similar to Elvis'). They are very personal versions, in Elvis style, of songs of our contemporary artists - as if Elvis was still alive - and some originals by Coimbra. It is simply refreshing and breathtaking!

Here is the track listing

1. You're Still the One
2. Simply the Best
3. The Memory of Her Voice (original)
4. Stayin' Alive
5. Eyes of Ice
6. Will You Miss Me
7. I Just Wanna Ride (original)
8. Dancing in the Dark
9. It's a Lovely Day (original)
10. Wild Irish Rose (original)
11. Enola Gay
12. Tomorrow'll be a New Day (original)

For those wanting to acquire this CD, it's through the artist (see contacts below). The cost per CD is 10 Euros (plus post and packing).



"I am writing about the CD of our wonderful singer Carlos Coimbra, since it deserves a special comment with love from an Elvis fan that I am. I had to...

"In my job, overloaded with work, I thought about putting Carlos Coimbra's CD playing, to see how it was and, get ready... in my humble opinion, I tell you that all 10 Euros I paid for it were well deserved. I was dumbfounded, speechless, listening to what Carlos so greatly managed to record in this CD. I'm still out of myself, I've listened to the CD more than one time in a row and, indeed, he does justice to the voice that he has with which he was born, he didn't acquire it, he just worked on it, possibly improving over the years, since the essential is there.

"Listening to Carlos Coimbra live and closing my eyes, I forgot I wasn't before Elvis and, with the CD, the same happens.

"Indeed, he is quite a singer and only him to brighten our lives. I end by saying that this CD is superb. Make some more.

"Carlos Coimbra deserves all the love and my consideration for the work he does tributing Elvis. God bless you." -  Virgínia Rebelo, Montel Real, Portugal.

"I've acquired the CD on the day of the event, I've already listened to all the songs and, honestly, I loved it, since his voice is quite similar to Elvis'. I am happy for having met António, for he gives us the possibility of remembering Elvis live because nothing is missing there... neither his voice... or his kindness! Love from the unconditional fan." - Isabel Lousada, Lisbon, Portugal.


Email: antoniocarloscoimbra@gmail.com
Cellular phone: + (351) 966 593 578
Telephone: + (351) 269 744 818 (from 10:00 a.m till 08:00 p.m.)
Site: www.theportugueseelvis.com


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