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What is necessary to become a member of this Fan Club? Nothing is easier. You just have to pay the annual membership fee:

(it is sent by physical mail)
(it is sent by electronic mail)
Magazine in PAPER + DIGITAL FORMAT (it is sent in both formats)
(does not receive magazine - just membership card + birthday gift)
Portugal 18,00 € 12,00 € 21,00 € 5,00 €
Spain 22,00 € 12,00 € 25,00 € N/A
Other European countries 23,00 € 12,00 € 26,00 € N/A
Rest of the World 28,00 € 12,00 € 32,00 € N/A

Note: These prices are valid until the end of 2020.

And you're entitled to: 

- Receive 4 annual magazines (in Portuguese, in A5 format, with 48 pages). If in paper format, it has cove and backcover in color and contents in black and white. In two of the 4 magazines, a colored central poster is included. If in digital format, it is totally in color and other advantages are: it arrives much quicker and it is much cheaper (with the possibility of printing it totally in color, privately, if you wish so).

If you want to read some information on our magazines (cover and back cover, an index of its contents and a highlighted page), you just have to access the Magazines section.

Read what some members of this Fan Club think about our magazine in the Opinions section.

Those who renew membership fees for the first time, receive the magazine 100% - Love Me Tender for free).

- Membership card - See examples of some membership cards that the fan club already had (they change every 2 years).

Card from 2020-2022:

Card from 2018-2020:

Card from 2016-2018:

Card from 2014-2016:

Card from 2012-2014:

Card from 2010-2012:

Card from 2008-2010:

Card from 2006-2008:

Card from 2001-2007:

- 1 surprise on your birthday;

Gifts given so far:
2001 - Photo/Postcard;
2002 - Key-ring;
2003 - Embroided Elvis Pillow;
2004 - Unfortunately, we could not send gifts this year;
2005 - Photo;
2006 - Cap with the Fan Club's logo;
2007 - DVD with a documentary on Elvis;
2008 - Elvis Wackel for car;
2009 - Elvis calendar of the current year;
2010 - Photo/Postcard;
- Photo/Postcard;
2012 - Vinyl transparent sticker;
2013 - Elvis calendar of the current year, in Aloha From Hawaii;
2014 - Stationary (envelope) with Elvis' signature and a sticke;
2015 - Elvis Button;
2016 - Official Elvis stamp by the American post office, "Forever Stamp", released in 2015;
2017 - Guitar pick with an Elvis photo and his autograph;
2018 - Book marker;
2019 - Postcard;
2020 - Pin.

- Participate in competitions, where you're entitled to get prizes (original articles) - Click to check out the prizes given so far and also the ongoing competitions, if that is the case;

- Participate in events, parties, meetings, organized by the Fan Club;

- Participate on the elaboration of the Magazine, by sending suggestions, articles, etc. 


You just need to send your full name, address, telephone and/or cell phone number, birth date, email address and the payment of the first annual subscription (check Contacts).

We accept payments in:
- postal order (just available for Brazil);
- international bank transfer (account details supplied upon request)
The postal orders should be issued to Cιlia Maria Pereira de Carvalho, the President of this Fan Club.

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