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(Kaye & Weisman)

Almost foi escrita por Buddy Kaye e Ben Weisman e cantada por Elvis no seu filme de 1969, The Trouble With Girls. Gravou a canção em 14 ou 28 de outubro de 1968, no United Recorders, de Hollywood. A versão do filme de Almost tem instrumentos de cordas acrescentados posteriormente. O take #31 foi o escolhido para lançar.

Elvis - Original

Elvis - Movie Version

Elvis - Take 6

Elvis - Take 11


We almost shared the dream
We almost made it as a team
How nice it would have been
We almost touched the stars
And there stood heaven almost ours
But we were just outsiders looking in

We had the chance to fall
But fate stepped in to end it all
Before it could begin
If it's true you're really going
There's nothing but goodbye to say
The saddest part of all is knowing
We almost went all the way

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