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Do Not Disturb


(Giant / Baum / Kaye)

Bill Giant, Bernie Baum e Florence Kaye escreveram Do Not Disturb para o filme de Elvis de 1965, Girl Happy. Elvis gravou a melodia em
junho ou julho de 1964, no Radio Recorders, em Hollywood. O take 36 foi o escolhido pela RCA para lançamento comercial.


Let's take the phone off the hook
Turn the lights way down low
Baby, put down that book
Tell the maid to go

1. Do not disturb
Hang the sign on the door
Do not disturb
It's time to make love
And I can't wait anymore

I'll just pull down the blind
Now come over here
I've got one thing in mind
Let's get comfortable, dear

1. (repete)

Everything's right tonight
Mmmm, it's great when we kiss
Now your arms hold me tight
Let's stay like this

Mmm mmm mm mmm mmmm mmmm
Mmm mmm mm mmm mmmm mmmm


Onde foi lançada:
Lançada pela primeira vez no LP Girl Happy »

- Girl Happy (1965) »

- Elvis in Demand (1977) »

- Double Features: Girl Happy / Harum Scarum (1993)

- Best of Elvis Presley II (2001) - Zounds

- Girl Happy (2003) – FTD »

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