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I Met Her Today




Don Robertson e Hal Blair escreveram I Met Her Today para Elvis, que gravou a canção em 16 de Outubro de 1961 nos estúdios da RCA, em Nashville.


I told you that some day
if you kept on being untrue
That somebody else would come along and release me from you
You'll be glad to know now your fickle heart can have its own way
For it finally happened, I've met her today

I used to think I just couldn't live a day without you
In spite of the thousand doubts and tears that you put me through
All at once I don't care as much for you I'm sorry to say
For now there's another, I met her today

How I treasured each smile, each kiss you gave to me now and then
Well, you needn't be kind to me now, oh no, not ever again
Just when the last bit of pride in me was gone someone heard me pray
And sent me my angel, I met her today
I met her today

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