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Inherit the Wind



Eddie Rabbitt escreveu Inherit the Wind, que Elvis gravou nos American Sound Studios em 16 de Janeiro de 1969.


Baby, don't fall in love with me, I'll only bring you grief
Baby, don't set your heart on me, I'll only have to leave

1. 'Cause the north wind flows through my veins

Like my dad there's a dream in my brain
In the morning I'll have to leave again
That's how it is when you inherit the wind, inherit the wind

Daddy, he was a wandering man, I hardly knew his face
Momma, she cried for him at night, he never stayed in one place

1. (repete)

Oh, I can't give you the love you need, I just won't be here that long
But if you still want me here tonight I'll love you till the break of dawn

1. (repete)
Inherit the wind, inherit the wind

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