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Let Me


(Matson / Presley)


Elvis cantou Let me no seu primeiro filme, Love Me Tender. Gravou a canção em 2 de agosto ou 24 de setembro de 1956, no Radio Recorders. A versão do filme tinha raparigas a gritar e a bater palmas. Muito embora Elvis e Vera Matson sejam ambos creditados por escrever Let Me, quem na realidade é o compositor é Ken Darby.



Whenever I dance with the girl I love
My head goes round and round
When she's close to me
I can't stay on the ground

Whenever I dance with the girl I love
I never have a care
All night I'm so light
I walk right on the air

1. Oh let me, oh honey, let me
Let me do what you know I love to do
Please take another chance and let me
Let me have another dance with you

Whenever I feel those pretty arms
Reaching round about
That feeling goes to my toes
And all the lights go out, go out, go out

Whenever I see those eyes of blue
Smiling up so shy
I'm in such a spin I take right off and fly

1. (Repete)

So let me dance in the arms I love
Thrill me through and through
I'm so drunk with love
And all I see is you

I never hear the music play
I never see the crowd
Only you and me
Dancing on a cloud

1. (Repete)


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