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Like a Baby




Like a Baby foi escrita por Jessy Stone e gravada por Elvis em 3 de abril de 1960, nos estúdios da RCA, em Nashville. Três anos depois, James Brown teve um sucesso Nº 24 de rhythm & blues com a sua gravação (King 5710).


You gave me love to enjoy like a bright shiny toy to a baby
No matter what you would do I depended on you like a baby
One thing I know I love you, yes, I loved you like a baby

It was a fool that you took and I fell 'cause you look like a baby
To lover's ways I was blind 'cause I just had a mind like a baby
You're just a flirt and I had to be hurt just like a baby

I need you so, I need you so
The day I found how you lied then I broke down and cried like a baby
Well, it was then I could see you were playing with me like a baby
Well, you can bet that some day
I'll forget you like a baby


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