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Love Me, Love the Life I Lead


(MaCaulay / Greenway)



Love Me Love the Life I Lead foi escrita por Tony MaCaulay e Roger Greenway e gravada por Elvis em 21 de maio de 1971, nos estúdios da RCA em Nashville.



I am not a wise man neither am I a fool
But what I am the way the good Lord made me
Though I need you more than you may ever understand
I can't wear a face that will betray me

1. Oh, if you're gonna love me, love the life I lead
Need the things I need, don't try to change me
If you're gonna take me, take me for what I am
I can't be another man that can't be free from the life I lead, from the life I lead

Money in my pocket never seems to last too long
I've gambled on the wind and drowned my sorrows
Though God knows I can't pretend it's better on my own
I can't promise you a new tomorrow

1. 1. 1. (repete)

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