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Separate Ways

(West / Mainegra)



Red West e Richard Mainegra escreveram Separate Ways para Elvis. É algo biográfica pelo facto de Elvis e Priscilla terem acabado de se separar quando a canção foi escrita. Elvis gravou a canção em 27 de Março de 1972 nos estúdios da RCA em Hollywood. Separate Ways teve uma permanência de 12 semanas na tabela Hot 100 da Billboard, chegando ao 20º lugar. Na tabela country chegou ao Nº 16; na tabela Easy-Listening, ao 3º lugar. As vendas em todo o mundo ultrapassaram largamente o milhão de exemplares. O documentário Elvis on Tour utilizou um take alternativo de Separate Ways.



I see a change is coming to our lives

It's not the same as it used to be
And it's not too late to realise our mistake
We're just not right for each other

Love has slipped away and left us only friends
We almost seem like strangers
All that's left between us are the memories we shared
Of times we thought we cared for each other

1. There's nothing left to do but go our separate ways
And pick up all the pieces left behind us
And maybe someday, somewhere along the way
Another love will find us

Some day when she's older, maybe she will understand
Why her mom and dad are not together
The tears that she will cry when I have to say goodbye
Will tear at my heart forever

1. (repete)

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