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Stay Away Joe


(Weisman / Wayne)



Sid Wayne e Ben Weisman escreveram Stay Away Joe para o filme de Elvis de 1968 com o mesmo nome. Elvis gravou a canção em 2 de Outubro de 1967 nos estúdios da RCA, em Nashville.



Ho! Jump down, spin around, let's have a party

Look who's back, “stay away, Joe”
Choctaw, Chikasaw, gonna drink me hearty
Welcome back, “stay away, Joe”

1. “Stay away, Joe”, they call me
“Stay away, Joe”, oh yeah!
But if you need me call me
Hoot and a holler and I'll be there, Ho!

Who keeps turnin' up like a bad penny
Take one guess, “stay away, Joe”
Always findin' trouble a-plenty
Oh, my yes, I reckon you know

1. (repete)

When two lips are right for the pickin'
Who crops up, (“stay away, Joe”)
I love’em and leav’em screamin' 'n kickin'
Giddy up, look at him, look at him go

1. (repete)


Onde foi lançada:
Lançada pela primeira vez em Let's Be Friends



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