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Tomorrow is a Long Time



Elvis gravou Tomorrow is a Long Time, uma música de Bob Dylan, em 26 de Maio de 1966, nos estúdios da RCA, em Nashville. O single de Dylan não seria lançado até passarem mais cinco anos (Columbia AE71039).


2. If today was not an endless highway

If tonight was not an endless trail
If tomorrow wasn't such a long time
Then lonesome would mean nothing to me at all

1. Yes and only if my own true love was waiting
If I could hear her heart softly pounding
Only she was lying by me
Then I'd lie in my bed once again

I can't see my reflection in the water
I can't speak the sounds that show no pain
I can't hear the echo of my footsteps
I can't remember the sound of my own name

1. (repete)

There's beauty in the silver singing river
There's beauty in the sunrise in the sky
But none of these and nothing else could match the beauty
That I remember in my true love's eyes

1. 2. 1. (repete)

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