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U.S. Male



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A gravação original de U.S. Male foi feita pelo seu compositor, Jerry Reed, no início de 1967 para o seu álbum The Unbelievable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed (RCA LPM-LSP-3756). Reed mais tarde viria a tocar guitarra na bem sucedida versão de Elvis em single, que foi gravada nos estúdios da RCA em Nashville, em 17 de Janeiro de 1968. Teve uma permanência de 9 semanas na tabela Hot 100 da Billboard, chegando ao 28º lugar. U.S. Male chegou ao 55º lugar na tabela country, ficando na tabela durante seis semanas.


Now, I'm a U.S. Male 'cause I was born in a Mississippi town on a Sunday morn

Now Mississippi just happens to occupy a place in the south eastern portion of this here United States
Now that's a matter of fact, buddy and you know it well
So I just call myself the U.S. Male, that's M-A-L-E, son. That's me!

Now I said all that to say all this I've been watchin' the way you've been watchin' my miss
For the last three weeks you been hot on her trail and you kinda upset this U.S. Male
You touch her once with your greasy hands I'm gonna stretch your neck like a long rubber band
She's wearin' a ring that I bought her on sale and that makes her the property of this U.S. Male

1. You better not mess with the U.S. Male my friend
The U.S. Male gets mad, he's gonna do you in
You know what's good for yourself son, you better find somebody else son
Don't tamper with the property of the U.S. Male

Through the rain and the heat and the sleet and the snow the U.S. Male is on his toes
Quit watchin' my woman, for that ain't wise you ain't pullin' no wool over this boy's eyes
I catch you 'round my woman, champ, I'm gonna leave your head 'bout the shape of a stamp
Kinda flattened out, so you'll do well to quit playin' games with this U.S. Male

1. (repete)

All right... now I'm gonna tell it like it is son
I catch you messin' 'round with that woman of mine
I'm gonna lay one on ya’

You're talkin' to the U.S. Male
The American U.S. Male

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