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Yoga is as Yoga Does


(Nelson / Burch)


Elvis cantou Yoga is as Yoga Does em dueto com Elsa Lanchester no filme de 1967, Easy Come Easy Go. A versão do filme tinha várias vozes de apoio. A faixa instrumental foi gravada em 28 ou 29 de setembro de 1966, no Radio Recorders. A voz de Elvis foi acrescentada numa data posterior. Yoga is as Yoga Does foi escrita por Gerald Nelson e Fred Burch.


Well I can see that you and yoga will never do

Yoga is as yoga does there's no in-between
You’re either with it on the ball or you've blown the scene
I can see lookin' at you, you just can't get settled
How can I even move, twisted like a pretzel

1. (Yoga is, yoga does)
(There's no in-between)
(Your either with it all the way) Or you've blown the scene
(Or you've blown the scene)

Come on come on, untwist my legs, pull my arms a lot
How did I get so tied up in this yoga knot
You tell me just how I can take this yoga serious
When all it ever gives to me is pain in my posteriors

1. (repete)

Stand upside down on your head, feet against the wall
A simple yoga exercise done by one and all
Now cross your eyes and hold your breath, look just like a clown
Yoga's sure to catch you if you come falling down

1. 1. (repete)

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