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Casa de Betânia

The first charity campaign that the Fan Club did was to benefit Casa de Betânia. Initiated in July 2001 and terminanted in m id December 2001, in January 2002, the local newspaper Jornal da Região de Oeiras click, published an article about this campaign. EPE also sent us their comment on this campaign: "Congratulations for your Club for the success with your first charity campaign. It sounds like it was a wonderful success and that you helped out such a wonderful cause. Please extend our thanks and appreciation to all the members of your Club. We here at Graceland are touched by the many different charities that are helped from around the world by the hard work of Elvis Presley Fan Clubs. Thank you so much."

"A Casa de Betânia"
Address: Rua Hintz Ribeiro, 15, 2798-825 Queijas - Portugal
Telephone/Fax: +(351) 21 418 64 50

WHAT CASA DE BETÂNIA (House of Betânia) IS:

This non-profitable Private Social Solidarity Association was officially created on 15 July 1992 and its main gola is to integrate mentally handicapped young people and adults in families and society, whose relatives, either because they can't or because they don't exist anymore, cannot take care of them. Casa de Betânia aspires to be a Vila (village). How? By acquiring houses where better sheltering conditions are created for these handicapped young people and adults.


Our Fan Club feels proud by having helped, so we can go on with Elvis' charity work in life and that we want to perpetuate.

The Board of Directors of  Elvis 100% with Sister Maria João, some residents and our donations.


This campaign was over in December 2001. Everything we managed to collect was handed over to Casa de Betânia as a Christmas gift on the 22nd December.


We gave an ink jet printer and an art CD, generously donated by one of our sponsors, Lexmark, with a commercial value of 159,15€ / 31.900$00. Elvis 100% members have also contributed with 132,18€ / 26.500$00. This made a total of 291,30€ / 58.400$00.
On Elvis' behalf, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Sister Maria João deeply thanked everyone at Elvis 100% for this donation.

Receipt of the given amount of money

"No-one is so poor that does not have anything to give... Neither no-one is so rich that does not have anything to receive."

"Handicapped people, if they are accepted as they are, can be a spring of life, changing our hearts and awakening them to help."

 Appreciation from Casa de Betânia

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