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Associação Acreditar

This is the second charity campaign the Fan Club did in Elvis name. On December 14 2003 - and just like we have been announcing since the beginning of this charity campaign in January - the Board of Directors of Elvis 100% went to visit Association Acreditar to hand over its donation.

Associação Acreditar
Address: R. Prof. Lima Basto, Nº. 73
1070-210 Lisboa - Portugal
Telephone: +(351) 21 722 11 50
Internet: http://www.acreditar.org.pt

We have taken with us the donations in articles and cash. In total we have handed over 27 books, 1 game-boy, 1 triple CD Art Gallery by Lexmark (with the commercial value of € 60,00), several small toys, some pieces of clothing, pens, etc.

In cash we have handed over a cheque in the value of € 225,00, signed by the President of this Fan Club, Carlos Santos. We have sent a copy of this same cheque to Elvis Presley Enterprises, just as per request of that entity regarding the charity campaigns done in Elvis' name. And because it was Christmas time, we have also offered the CD Elvis Christmas Album to all the children and cooperators of the Association.

The person who welcomed us, representing the Association, Ms. Ansfriede, said that if other small groups like ours had initiatives of this sort, other associations could benefit from it. Because little by little we can get large amounts. She thanked us for our donations and asked us to deliver this message.

Sandra Santos, representing Elvis 100%, handing over our donation to Ms. Ansfriede, representing Acreditar.

We would like to thank all our members who have contributed with money and articles for this campaign. They are:

Maria Antónia Pereira, Joaquim Godinho, Etelvina Brázia, Paulo Quintino, Miguel Santos, Victor Rodrigues, Henrique Tigo, Pedro Ferreira, Stuart Oldfield, David Welsh, Tito Seixas, Jean-Luc Lenne, Célia Carvalho, Manuel Monteiro, Ivone Serôdio, Virgínia Rebelo, Fernanda Bacelar, Bruno Silva, Serafim Cortizo, Aura Guedes, Falina, Sandra Santos, Carlos Santos and José João Simões. We also thank the donations made by unknown people during the several initiatives that Elvis 100% undertook in the year that has ended.

Part of the donation we have given Acreditar AssociationThe contribution of each one may not be too much and Elvis 100%'s help may not be very significative. But we believe that giving the example and making a small gesture, can incite others to do the same. And we believe that we can help Acreditar's children to believe in a future with hope, free of that terrible disease which is cancer. Once again, thank you all!

On December 30th, 2003, we have received a receipt from Acreditar in the value of the cheque we have handed over to them. The letter, addressed to the Board of Directors, that accompanied it, said: "Dear Sirs, on Acreditar's behalf and on behalf of all the children that this association represents, we are hereby sending you our receipt nº 0609, in the value of € 225,00 and thanking you for the support you wanted to supply us with, through the offer of books and toys, which will contribute for the children to have more reasons to Believe (Acreditar). It's gestures like yours that, besides allowing us to supply better conditions to the children that we help, give us the strength needed to go on with our work. Best regards, Ansfriede Zwaagstra."


Acreditar (Believe, in Portuguese) is a Parents and Friends Association of Children with Cancer. Since 1993 that the main goal of this private association of social solidarity is that all children who suffer from cancer have the same opportunities, not only of survival, but also of reaching psychological and physical health and adulthood.


They help children and families that are institutionalized, giving emotional and social support; they volunteer to donate blood; they train volunteers; they make awareness campaigns and promote activities that allow families to participate as well, like summer camps, sports, travels and recreational and cultural activities. Besides all the above, they also have a Home in Lisbon, which is the home where the children who need to travel stay. The treatment periods are extended for several years and include phases during which children don’t need to be institutionalized in the hospitals.


To create Homes in Coimbra and O’Porto, since many children don’t live in the city centers, but need to go there several times per week for their treatments, which, for some of them, is quite difficult.


Because this is the year that celebrates the 30th Anniversary since Aloha From Hawaii was televised via satellite throughout the whole word and Elvis wanted all the proceeds to revert to Kui Lee’s Cancer Fund… and because we think Elvis fans are generous and will want to follow his example, we have decided to start a campaign to help Acreditar Association.

“I was mad and asked myself: ‘why me?’ Everyone told it wasn’t my fault.” - António

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have thought that life is a drag! Family, friends and happiness are so important!” - Rita

“I miss sports. I used to play football.” - Lourenço

“Well, I’m not that afraid of the little things that used to scare me anymore.” - Maria

“I’d like my mother to quit work to spend all her time with me.” - Jorge

“Now I know I can become ill again, tomorrow, in a month, in a…, never again! We never know. I’ve learned to live day by day.” - PedrO

Donations in cash and also children books, small toys and computer games are also appreciated.

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