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Promoted by Elvis 100% (just for members) in a way to atribute prizes to the winners - always original Elvis articles. Competitions presented chronologically, from the most recent one till the oldest one.

In September 2016 another challenge was presented to the members. It consisted in getting the names right of the people standing next to Elvis in the photos that we have published on our edition number 93 (September/October 2016) of the fan club.
The members of Elvis 100% (over 12 years old and with their updated membership fee) had to send their answers to the fan club up until 30th September 2016. The participants were 3 (Maria Sameiro, Reinaldo Lopes and Ana Domingues). The winner would be the one who would send the maximum of right answers. Of the 3 participants, who got all the names of the people right was Ana Domingues. The prize was the Double CD, Elvis - Way Down in the Jungle Room. Congratulations to the winner!

In May 2016 we have done a new competiton. The challenge was to solve a crossword, with clues, about Elvis's movie career.

The members of Elvis 100% (over 12 years old and with their updated membership fee) had send in their answers to the fan club up until 31st May 2019. The participants were 6 (Virgínia Rebelo, Francisco Pinto, Reinaldo Lopes, Maria Sameiro, Sofia Pinto and Paulo Marques). The winner, for having been the only one getting all answers right, was Reinaldo Lopes.

The prize was the book by Joesph Tunzi, Elvis Photographed on Stage in Charlotte and Ranoake and 4 coasters with an Elvis publicity shot of Love Me Tender. Congratulations to the winner!

In July 2013 we have restarted the competitons. And this time it is a puzzle. The members of Elvis 100% (over 12 years old and with their updated membership fee) had to solve an anagram with 26 names of people associated to Elvis and send in their answers to the fan club up until 10th August 2013. The participants were 2 (Cleuser Pacheco and Paulo Marques). The winner, for having gotten all the answers right, was Paulo Marques. And the prize was the fantastic double CD by Follow That Dream, 3000 South Paradise Road Click, special collectors edition, with triple folded cover (17,5 cm) and a 16 pages booklet. The first CD contains the midnight concert of 12/08/1972, in Las Vegas. The second CD contains stage rehearsals for this season. Congratulations to the winner!
In October 2008 a new challenge is created. This time only the strings of your imagination had to be pulled! Write a story in a present newspaper in which Elvis is still alive and it wasn't his mother who died in 1958, but his father. What would have been different in his life?  4 were the contestants (Aura Guedes, Francisco Pinto, Nuno Meireles and Victor Rodrigues). By voting by other members, on 25 March 2009, Nuno Meireles was the winner of:   1 book Elvis Presley New York - RCA Studio 1 - The Complete Sessions (which also brings 1 CD and 1 DVD); a Beautiful Elvis Purse and a table calendar for 2009.
In January 2008 we have restarted the competitions. This one consisted on a list of 30 questions on the King. Who got more right answers and more points, would win. On a 1st phase 3 were the members who got the same points (Aura Guedes, Cleuser Pacheco and Miguel Pereira). On a 2nd phase, which ended on June 10th, with 5 more questions, Aura Guedes was the winner of the prize Inside Double Trouble. The prize consisted on a box with 1 book of 112 pages on the movie with the same name, 1 DVD with the movie, 2 postcards, 1 poster, 1 vinyl record, cover of the Could I Fall In Love single and 1 authenticity certificate (limited edition to 1,000 copies).
In September 2003 we have started another competition for our members. This one was on the Aloha From Hawaii  concert and it had several questions with 3 possible answers (only 1 of them was correct). The prize was Elvis' Golden Records CD.

The competition ended on October 10th and winners were: Aura Guedes, in Portugal, and Ticia Beudet, abroad. Both of them received a copy of this CD.

In May 2003 we presented another competition to the members. The title of the competition was "Make the SubTitles!". The competitors had to make the sub-titles to a photo that was published in Edition Nº 8. The prize was given to the sub-titles that the Board of Directors considered more imaginative (by votes).

The competition ended on June 10th. The winner of this competition, that won this beautiful Elvis wrist watch (see photo to the left), was Serafim Cortizo.

January 2003 was the perffect time to launch another challenge to our members. The competition was titled "To What Movie Does It Belong?". Those who wished to participate had to identify the titles of the 8 movies of which we have published 8 photos on Edition Nº 6. The competition ended on February 10th. And the winners who got Elvis - The Home Recordings CD were Shirley Tanner, abroad (England) and Serafim Cortizo, in Portugal.

In September 2002 the Fan Club started another competition, titled "Who Is Standing Beside Elvis?". The contestants had to say the right names of the 6 celebrities that were standing next to Elvis. To make it easier, we have published a list with names, where the right ones were included. The competition ended on October 10th. The prize was a beautiful Elvis wrist watch, brought directly from Memphis. It has a leather box with Elvis' signature, velvet on the inside and 2 years of warranty (official EPE product). The commercial value is approximately  35,00 €. The winner was Miguel Santos, in Portugal. As no member from abroad participated, only Miguel received this item. 

In March 2002 Elvis 100% promotes another competiton, titled "In Which City Was Elvis?". The contestants had to give the right answer from 4 given choices for each published photo (5 photos). The competition ended on April 20th. The prize was the  CD Born To Be King, with a tinned box. The winners were: Serafim Cortizo in Portugal and Jean-Luc Lenne abroad (France).

In September 2001 the Club promotes its second competition, titled "Discover the Mistakes and Win!". It consisted in finding out the maximum of mistakes contained in a false Elvis biography.

This competition ended on October, 20th. The prize was a video cassete of That's The Way It Is - II and the Elvis Talks! CD. The winner was Serafim Cortizo.

In May 2001 Elvis 100% announces the first competition, titled, "To Organize And Win!". It consists by putting the record covers sent every two months with Elvis 100% magazine in order by their chronological release to the market.

The competition ended on February, 20th, and the winner was Miguel Santos. The prize is this Elvis 1,000 pieces puzzle.


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