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LP: Double Trouble



Double Trouble »

Baby If You’ll Give Me All Your Love »

Could I Fall In Love »

Long Legged Girl (With the Short Dress On) »

City By Night »

Old MacDonald »

Side 2

I Love Only One Girl »

There Is So Much World To See »

It Won’t Be Long »

Never Ending »

Blue River »

What Now What Next Where To »


Reference: (US) RCA LSP / LPM 3787 / New numbewr assigned in 1977 (US) RCA AFL1 2564


Date of release: June 1967

Information: All eight songs from the movie Double Trouble were featured in this album. The original pressings of Double Trouble had an announcement on the cover that read: "Special Bonus. Full Color Photo of Elvis Inside this Album. This Offer is for a Limited Time Only". (The photo was 7"-by-"9). Later pressings eliminated the bonus photo announcement and replaced it with the words "Double Trouble." Reverse profiles of Elvis were on the cover. At the bottom, all 12 songs titles were printed in suitcases.

Double Trouble peaked at #47 on Billboard's Top LPs chart, remaining on the chart for 20 weeks.

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