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Hound Dog »

Loving You »

All Shook Up »

Heartbreak Hotel »

Jailhouse Rock »

Love Me »

Too Much »

Side 2

Don’t  Be Cruel »

That's When Your Heartaches Begin »

Teddy Bear »

Love Me Tender »

Treat Me Nice »

Anyway You Want Me »

I Want You I Need You I Love You » 

(US) RCA LPM-1707 / RCA LSP-1707 (1962)


Date of reference: April 1958


Information: Fourteen million-selling singles were included on this LP. Originally, the title letters of Elvis' Golden Records were in light blue and no songs were listed on the front cover. Later pressings (from November 1963) of the jacket had white letters and all 14 songs listed. The album came with a special flyer advertising an Elvis photo book that could be purchased by sending in the coupon and 25 cents. Liner notes to Elvis' Golden Records contained mistakes. It was written that Heartbreak Hotel was given to Elvis by Mae Boren Axton while Elvis was appearing in Florida. Actually, she gave him the song at the Andrew Jackson Hotel in Nashville. The album also listed the recording date for Heartbreak Hotel as February 10, 1956. The correct date was January 10.The liner notes said that I Want You I Need You I Love You was recorded at the first session where a vocal backing group was used. In reality, Elvis had vocal backing at his first RCA session on January 10, 1956. Contrary to the liner notes, Elvis and Vera Matson did not write the musical score for Love Me Tender. Ken Darby wrote the four songs used in the film. Elvis' Golden Records achieved sales of over $ 1 million. Gold record certification was made by the RIAA on October 17, 1961.  The British release of this album (RCA RB-16069) was the only Elvis record to be released on the Red Seal label.

Elvis' Golden Records entered Billboard's Best-Selling Pop Albums chart at #9, but never got higher than #3. It had a 40-week stay on the chart. After Elvis's death, the album recharted, reaching #63 during its 23-week stay.

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