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EP: Elvis Presley


Side 1

Blue Suede Shoes

Tutti Frutti

Side 2

I Got A Woman

ust Because


Reference: (US) RCA EPA 747


Date of release: 13 March 1956

Information: Four songs from Elvis's first LP, Elvis Presley, were featured on this EP. One of the tracks, Blue Suede Shoes, reached #24 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. Two and half years after its initial release, Elvis Presley made a brief (one week) appearance on Billboard's EP chart at the #10 postion. A temporary paper sleeve was used for a week or two before the regular album jackets were made available. (The paper sleeve read simply, "Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley; Also Tutti Frutti, I Got a Woman, Just Because; An RCA Extended Play Record"). The regular jacket featured the same cover photo as that used on the Elvis Presley LP. Four different back covers are known to exist. One had a story about Elvis and a photo. The other three featured photos of five EPs by various RCA artists. Each one had a different group of albums.

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