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EP: Elvis Presley


Side 1

Blue Suede Shoes »

I’m Counting On You »

Side 2

I Got A Woman »
One-Sided Love Affair »

Side 3

I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You) »
I’ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin’) »

Side 4

Tutti Frutti »
Tryin’ to Get to You »


Reference: (US) RCA SPD 22


Date of release: October 1956

Information: This two-record double-pocket EP featured the first four songs from each side of Elvis's first LP, Elvis Presley. Both albums used the same cover photograph. The inside pockets of the EP were blank, while the back cover featured the liner notes from the LP. SPD-22 was never released to the general public; however, one could get it free if a four-speed portable Victrola phonograph (Model 7EP2) was purchased at the nationally advertised price of $32.95. If need be, the Victrola could be bought by paying 75 cents down and 75 cents a week. The Victrola featured "Presley's autograph stamped in gold on the top cover of the extra-strong, scuff-resistant, simulated blue denim cases". To promote the phonographs, print ads were run, and Elvis recorded several radio commercials, which were written by Kenyon and Eckhardt, Inc., of New York City.

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