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EP: Elvis Sails


Side 1

Press interview with Elvis Presley

Side 2

Press interview with Elvis Presley: Pat Hernon interviews Elvis


Reference: (US) RCA EPA 4325


Date of release: December 1958

Information: Elvis Sails was a songless EP consisting of three interviews with Elvis just before he left for West Germany on September 22, 1958. A newspaper "extra" appeared on the front cover, dated Tuesday, September 22, 1958. Elvis's photo (in his Army uniform) was superimposed on the newspaper. The back cover featured a 1959 calendar with five small photos of Elvis and seven dates circled. (Note: For one of the circled dates - April 10 - it said that "Elvis Bought Home for Family in Memphis, April 10, 1956". This was incorrect; it should have been 1957). A small hole was punched in the top of the Elvis Sails cover so that the buyer could hang it on the wall. Elvis Sails spent 12 weeks on Billboard's EP chart, eventually rising to #2.

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