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DISCOGRAPHY Follow That Dream - 2015


Stay Away Joe

2) If Im a Fool

3) Lets Be Friends

4) Lets Forget About the Stars

5) Mama

6) Ill Be There

7) Almost

8) Change of Habit

9) Have a Happy

10) Rubberneckin'
11) Let Us Pray
Interview with Mary Tyler Moore

Reference: (Denmark) BMG FTD 506020-975087


Date of release: July 2015

Additional information:

Various studio recordings.

Press Note:
From Pal Granlund and David English comes this new deluxe hardbook book in the same size as Something for the Girls.

Change of Habit is published by FTD/Flaming Star with more than 450 pages and over 150 unpublished photos from the movie, on the set, plus candids from the same period, it captures Elvis at his very best.
Elvis reported at Universal 10th March, 1969, and the filming started on the 12th. Elvis was dismissed from the movie on the 29th April.
The CD included with this book includes the album Let's Be Friends plus the bonus tracks Rubberneckin' and Let Us Pray.


Playing Time: 32:05


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