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DISCOGRAPHY Follow That Dream - 2016


Midnight Show - 22/03/1975

1) Also Sprach Zarathustra

2) See See Rider

3) I Got a Woman / Amen

4) Love Me

5) If You Love Me

6) And I Love You So

7) Big Boss Man

8) It's Midnight

9) Promised Land

10) Green Green Grass of Home

11) Fairytale

12) Introductions
13) My Boy

14) I'll Remember You

15) Let Me Be There

16) Teddy Bear   / Don't Be Cruel

17) Hound Dog

18) You're the Reason I'm Living

19) Can't Help Falling In Love

20) Closing vamp

Bonus Songs:

21) Sweet Caroline (March 30, MS)
Funny How Time Slips Away (March 30, MS)
Fairytale (March 31, MS)
24) Burning Love (March 31, MS)

Dinner - 01/04/1975

1) Also Sprach Zarathustra

2) See See Rider

3) Love Me

4) If You Love Me

5) And I Love You So

6) Big Boss Man

7) The Wonder of You

8) Burning Love

9) Introductions

10) My Boy

11) I'll Remember You

12) Let Me Be There
13) How Great Thou Art

14) Hound Dog

15) Fairytale

16) Can't Help Falling In Love

17) Closing vamp

(Denmark) BMG FTD 506020-975100


Date of release: May 2016

Additional information:

This is a live soundboard recording of two concerts that Elvis gave in Las Vegas, in 1975. The first CD is of midnight show, on March 22, 1975 and the second CD, is of dinner show, on April 1, 1975.
The FTD team did an excellent job with releasing these two fine concerts, although both are well-known on the grey market for many years now. We would even rate the March 22, 1975 MS as the best one from this fantastic Las Vegas season. 
Elvis and band were in high spirits and the sparkle on stage also infected the audience. We have an appealing song line-up with interesting new songs and some of his older hits. A good and varied program with something for everybody and even a rarity is included: You're The Reason I'm Living which he only did here and never again.
The other concert from April 1, 1975 DS is a fine addition and gives an overview of how the shows were back then: solid and straight entertainment. Not more and not less. 
The bonus songs are also very well chosen and round up another fine concert double disc set by the FTD collectors label.
CD 1: Tracks 1 - 4 - of the March 22, 1975 MS were taken from March 20, 1975 DS. Roses Are Red before If You Love Me is missing on the soundboard tape.
CD 2: I Got a Woman / Amen is missing on the original source tape recorded at the Las Vegas Hilton showroom, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Playing Time:
73:32 / 49:08


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