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DISCOGRAPHY Follow That Dream - 2018


The Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show
September 26, 1956 - Evening Performance

1) I Was the One
2) I Got A Woman

3) Announcement

4) Don't Be Cruel

5) Blue Suede Shoes

6) Announcement

7) Baby Let's Play House

8) Hound Dog

9) Announcement
Love Me Tender Soundtrack

10) Love Me Tender

11) Let Me

12) We're Gonna Move
13) Poor Boy

14) Love Me Tender (end title movie version)
The Ed Sullivan Show - October 28, 1956

15) Don't Be Cruel

16) Ed Sullivan talks

17) Love Me Tender

18) Ed Sullivan

19) Love Me

20) Hound Dog
Elvis Closing remarks

The Truth About Me

22) Interview

(Denmark) BMG FTD 506020-975129


Date of release: December 2018

Additional information:

288 pages hardcover book with included CD with studio and live recordings from 1956.

Following up from the excellent Rebel With a Cause earlier this year, The Wild One '56 by David English and Pal Granlund consists of 288 pages and features great photographs, including 60 recently discovered shots taken from the original negatives.
A bonus CD is included that features the 2nd Ed Sullivan Show and the evening Tupelo Fair performance.


Playing Time: 47:31


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