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DISCOGRAPHY Follow That Dream - 2015


CD 1 -
Original Album:
His Latest Flame

2) Moody Blue 

3) That's All Right

4) Shake Rattle and Roll / Flip Flop and Fly (28/01/1956, Stage Show)

5) Heartbreak Hotel (17/03/1956, Stage Show)

6) Hound Dog (05/06/1956, Milton Berle Show, overdubbed)

7) Excerpt from the "Hy Gardner Calling" interview (01/07/1956)

8) My Baby Left Me 

9) Merry Christmas Baby (edited/shortned version)

10) Mean Woman Blues (movie version)
11) Don't Be Cruel (06/01/1957, Ed Sullivan Show)
12) Teddy Bear

13) Jailhouse Rock

14) Excerpt from Army swearing in (24/03/1958) 

15) G.I. Blues

16) Excerpt from departure for Germany interview (22/09/1958)

17) Excerpt from home from Germany press conference (07/03/1960)

18) Too Much Monkey Business (edited/shortned version)

19) Love Me Tender

20) I've Got a Thing About You Baby (edited/shortned version)

21) I Need Your Love Tonight

22) Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis, NBC TV Special)

23) Viva Las Vegas

24) Suspicious Minds (14/01/1973, Aloha From Hawaii) 

25) Excerpt from Elvis' speech at the JC's award cerimony (16/01/1971)

26) Promised Land (edited/shortned version)

27) Excerpt from Madison Square Garden press conference (09/06/1972)

28) Always on My Mind (30/03/1972, Elvis On Tour)

29) Are You Lonesome Tonight (21/06/1977, Elvis in Concert)

30) My Way (21/06/1977, Elvis in Concert)

31) An American Trilogy (09/04/1972, Elvis On Tour)

32) Memories (edited/shortned version)

CD 2 - Expanded Home Video Tracks:
I Was the One (18/02/1956, Stage Show)

2) Hound Dog (05/06/1956, Milton Berle Show, undubbed)

3) Love Me Tender (end title version)

4) Trouble

5) Ready Teddy (09/09/1956, Ed Sullivan Show)

6) King Creole

8) As Long As I Have You

9) Stuck on You (26/03/1960, Frank Sinatra Timex Show)

10) Witchcraft / Love Me Tender (26/03/1960, Frank Sinatra Timex Show)
11) Blue Hawaii

12) Rock-a-Hula Baby

13) King of the Whole Wide World

14) I Got Stung

15) Trouble / Guitar Man

16) Let Yourself Go (Elvis, NBC TV Special)

17) If I Can Dream

18) A Big Hunk O'Love (14/01/1973, Aloha From Hawaii)

19) Can't Help Falling in Love (14/01/1973, Aloha From Hawaii)

20) Love Me (19/06/1977, Elvis in Concert)

Reference: (Denmark) BMG FTD 506020-975070


Date of release: March 2015

Additional information:

This is a special collector edition housed in a 7" (17,5 cm) triple-fold-out cover. Includes a 12 pages booklet with listings about the takes and photos.


This Is Elvis was a David L. Wolper Production of an Andrew Solt/Malcolm Leo Film for Warner Bros. release. Written, directed and produced by Solt and Leo (best known for their television special Heroes of Rock and Roll). The film follows innovations first introduced by producer Wolper, whose 650 films include the Emmy-winning Roots and the Oscar winning The Hellstrom Chronicle. With the unprecedented cooperation of those who best knew Presley, the film combines rare, never-before-seen footage, privately owned kinescopes from TV's early years, remarkable outtakes from Presley's movies and accurate recreations of pivotal moments in his life.

This title is now deleted from the FTD catalogue.


There are some mistakes and we corrected the track listing above:


CD 1 - 11: On cover and booklet is listed Don't Be Cruel (09/09/1956, Ed Sullivan Show), but the correct date is 06/01/1957!


CD 1 - 24: Suspicious Minds is listed as That's The Way It Is version (12/08/1970, midnight show), but it is the version from 14/01/1973, Aloha From Hawaii.


CD 2 - 02: Hound Dog is listed as version from 01/07/1956, Steve Allen Show, but it is the Milton Berle version from CD 1 without overdubs. Because of this the song Hound Dog from the Steve Allen Show is missing here, although this version was in the movie.


CD 2 - 15: Trouble / Guitar Man medley isn't the edited shortned version (02:19) as stated on the cover. It is the original version with a running time of 03:27.

Playing Time: 75:34 / 47:58



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