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Side 1

Guitar Man
After Loving You (alternate take)

Too Much Monkey Business

Just Call Me Lonesome (alternate take)
Lovin' Arms (alternate take)

Side 2

You Asked Me To

Clean Up Your Own Backyard

She Thinks I Still Care (alternate take)

Faded Love

I'm Movin' On (alternate take)

Reference: (US) RCA AAL1-3917

Date of release: January 1981

Information: All songs on this album had been previously released. However, producer Felton Jarvis assembled a group of session musicians and vocalists at Young'un Sound in Nashville in October and November of 1980 to record new backing tracks for the ten songs on Guitar Man. This was done to give the songs a new modern sound. Five of the vocal tracks were alternate takes not previously released. A full-color flyer advertising the 1981 documentary This Is Elvis was included with the LP as an insert.

Guitar Man had a 12-week stay on Billboard's Top LPs chart, peaking at #49. It fared much better on the Hot Country LPs chart, reaching #6 and staying for 31 weeks. In the meantime, Guitar Man has been deleted from RCA's catalog.

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