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EP: Jailhouse Rock



Jailhouse Rock »

Young and Beautiful »

Side 2

I Want To Be Free »

Don’t Leave Me Now (version 2) »

Baby I Don’t Care »


Reference: (US) RCA EPA 4114


Date of release: 30 October 1957

Information: Five of the six songs in Elvis's third film were contained on this EP, including the title track. Three thousand copies of Jailhouse Rock were mailed to disc-jockeys across the nation for promotional purposes. For the week ending, November 2, 1957, Jailhouse Rock entered Billboard's EP chart at the number one position and stayed there for 22 straight weeks. In the 23rd week, it dipped to #2, but jumped back to number one the following week and stayed there for six more weeks. In all, Jailhouse Rock was number one for an amazing 28 weeks and on the chart for 49 weeks. Billboard named it 1958's EP of the Year. Jailhouse Rock sold well over one million copies and became Elvis's best-selling EP.

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