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Unchained Melody »

If You Love Me (Let me Know) »

Little Darlin’ »

He’ll Have to Go »

Let Me Be There »

Side 2

Way Down »

Pledging My Love »

Moody Blue »

She Thinks I Still Care »

It’s Easy For You »


Reference: (US) RCA AFL 1 2428 / New number assigned in August 1977 RCA AQL1 2428

Date of release: July 1977

Information: He'll Have to Go and all songs on side 2 were recorded at Graceland in 1976. The rest of the tracks were live concert cuts. The original pressing (200,000 copies) was on blue translucent vinyl. As a result, the LP has been nicknamed the "Blue Album". Other colors of vinyl, such as white, green, red, and gold, were experimented with. After the first pressing, RCA switched to black vinyl, but after Elvis's sudden death, they went back to the blue. During the pressing of Moody Blue, RCA stamped its two-billionth record. Moody Blue quickly sold over one million copies and received a Platinum certification by the RIAA on September 12, 1977.

Moody Blue reached #3 on Billboard's Top LPs chart, remaining on the chart for 31 weeks. It reached number one on the Country LPs chart.

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