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EP: Perfect for Parties


Side 1

Love Me (Elvis Presley)

Anchors Aweigh (Tony Cabot)
That's A Puente (Tito Puente)

Side 2

Rock Me But Don't Roll Me (Tony Scott)
Happy Face Baby (The Three Suns)
Prom to Prom (Dave Pell)

Reference: (US) RCA SPA 7-37


Date of release: October 1956

Information: The six selections on this special EP were taken from six RCA LPs. Elvis introduced all the songs, including his own Love Me. The Perfect for Parties highlight album was advertised in seventeen national magazines, among them Life, Seventeen, HiFi, Schwann, Country Song, High Fidelity, and Forty-Five. Spots appeared on radio's The Bob and Ray Show, and on October 27, 1956, a 90-second color commercial aired on NBC-TV. To obtain Perfect for Parties, one simply had to clip a coupon from a print ad and send it, along with 25 cents, to: Dept.776, RCA Victor Philadelphia, 5, Pennsylvania. One could also buy twenty 7" by 7" full-color album cover reprints for an additional dollar. These albums were featured in the advertisement. The offer expired on December 31, 1956. Two label variations exist for this special EP. On one, "Not for Sale" appeared on the right side of the label; on the other, it appeared on the left side.

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