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Side 1

Speedway »

There Ain’t Nothing Like a Song »

Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet Baby »

Who Are You »

He’s Your Uncle Not Your Dad »

Let Yourself Go »

Side 2

Your Groovy Self (Nancy Sinatra)
Five Sleepy Heads »

Western Union »

Mine »
Goin’ Home »

Suppose »


Reference: (US) RCA LSP / LPM 3989 / New number assigned in 1977 RCA AFL1 3989


Date of release: June 1968

Information: Side 1 of Speedway contained all six Elvis songs from his 1968 movie of the same title. Also included was his duet with Nancy Sinatra on There Ain't Nothing Like a Song. Sinatra's solo effort, Your Groovy Self, kicked off side 2, followed by five bonus songs. Speedway was the last Elvis LP to be released in both mono and stereo, and the only regular RCA Elvis album to contain a solo by another artist. An 8"-by"10 color photo was included as a bonus. Very few of the monaural albums were issued, making them extremely rare.

Speedway reached #82 on Billboard's Top LPs chart during its 13-week stay on the chart.

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