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In this section an Elvis Presley biography can be found, a very brief one, since his is a long story. This biography is accordingly illustrated with photos.

Here is a resume of Elvis's discography can be found, the one released during his lifetime and also after 1977, by his official recording companies, Sun Records and RCA Victor, as well as by Follow That Dream and still by other less known recording companies.

Elvis Gallery
One of the most appreciated sections of the website! On this space you can find photos of the King, from the several decades of his life and different phases of his career.

Elvis' VOICE
In this section you will find quotes about Elvis's singing talent and voice. Included are comments currently available either on the internet, in reference guides, encyclopedias, or books, made by music editors, producers and songwriters; record company CEO´s; theater critics; music professors, publishers and commentators; recording sound engineers; musicians in the Classical, Pop, Blues, Gospel, R&B, Soul, Rock, C&W and Latin-American music fields; voice teachers and coaches; rock and popular music historians; and writers on the Humanities, the Arts, as well as on Social, Racial, Literary, Copyright-Law and other related studies.

Here you can read on detailed information about the movies and documentaries Elvis did in his lifetime.

Section dedicated to interviews, either given by Elvis, or by people that are related to him because they're relatives, colleagues or friends.

Section exclusively dedicated to the stagewear Elvis wore on stage (1969-1977), with detailed information on each one of the clothes, photos (whenever possible), present whereabouts of the clothes, lists of concerts where Elvis used them and galleries of photos of Elvis on stage. Quite interesting for those who enjoy this so importante part of Elvis career!

Secttion dedicated to several Elvis quotes, either by himself or by other performers on him. A quick way to know a little about the myth.

In this section you may find the lyrics of songs that Elvis recorded and/or sang, a translation into Portuguese (just available in the Portuguese version of this website), a brief historial on each song and where they were released. Some are also available as background music.

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