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From Dreaming to Reality - 11 January 2009
Fernanda Ramos, January 2009

Eu, no Elvis Presley Boulevard At the gates of Graceland. Alongside the entrance to the mansion.

So it goes. The poem says, "Dream commands life."

I am not here writing to reveal my dreams, but to share with you a reality that was dreamed by me a long, long time ago.


Therefore I don't want to pass the chance to share with those who never went there, the EMOTION and the ASTONISHMENT while I was crossing the gates of the Mansion of our KING.

I pinched myself. 


Before that, though, we could already breath Elvis everywhere: Cafes, shops, hotel, streets and squares.

 porta de Graceland.

Speaking of hotel. Where I was staying (Days Inn), the entrance hall had a wooden sculpture, full body one, of Elvis, photos, big and small, the same happening with the bedrooms (mine had 5 photos). When I saw the swimming-pool on the following day, I saw the same pool in guitar shape, with the detail of having strings and everything. Imagination and marketing well matched. I was stunned. Only it was too cold for a swim.

But I hadn't seen everything yet. When I finally decided to go for dinner in a restaurant that looked like an ordinary one on the outside, everything was about Elvis. Tables, walls, chairs, menus, etc. But one surprise was still missing.... Stake La Elvis!

Dentro de Graceland. At the entrance of the Car Museum.

Let's go back to the mansion.

If you ask me what did I enjoyed the most, even today I cannot answer to that question and, besides, I think I will never be able to define it. Everything is beautiful, inside and out. The Gardens are magnificent, even if in one of them the Silence and Respect reigns above everything, i.e., the one where the grave is located, where still many flowers, plush toys, cards and letters were still coving it, left there by the visitors of January 8th.

Inside the room where the clothes (civilian and military) are located I was only sorry for not being able to touch them.

One detail that I thought it was delicious: the room where the daughter used to play kept a Christmas tree with presents, as if they were waiting for her to go there and pick them, even though Christmas was well over and past for a month now.

Even though I don't know how, for the first time, I felt like playing the piano, because I know that from that specific one the best melodies came out, the melodies that would reach the road of success.

Dentro de Graceland. Inside Graceland. The grave at the Meditation Garden.

Without wanting to be exhaustive, I cannot go by without mentioning the motorcycles, the cars and mainly, the pink Cadillac that Elvis offered his mother.

With all this, it was almost time to leave, but there was still enough time to visit the plane in which he travelled. I was only sorry to see that it is a bit degradated on the inside.

Friends, I am leaving now, but I want to take something out of my chest:

Every Elvis fan should have the possibility of visiting Graceland! One thing is what you see in movies, other thing is to breath that ambience and environment. IT IS WELL WORTH IT.


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