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This is the Story... of a Woman
(How I won the Elvis Contest and Exhibit in Memphis, in 2001)
Ticia Beudet, August 2001

(Check the Artists Gallery in order to see this Elvis portrait)

 Ticia, com o quadro feito por si que lhe rendeu o 1º. prémio em Memphis

First I would like to tell you how much proud I am to be a new member of this Elvis fan club. I am an artist painter and if you have Internet, since March 16th, perhaps you have seen some of my pictures in the fan club’s website. But the one you see here has a special story and I would like to share it to you.

During the Elvis week of August last year, I went to Memphis, TN for the first time. Like every Elvis fan, my greatest desire was to visit Graceland and see every places where Elvis had lived. These were the reasons of my trip to the United States. My first trip and I hope not my last one, since I still have lots of time (I am only 25 years old).

Being there was a great feeling but you cannot imagine my surprise and delight when I entered the hall of Graceland Plaza and saw my drawing adorned with a magnificent blue ribbon - which could only mean I had won the first place. My heart began beating so fast I could hardly breath, then tears of joy rolled down my face. Later that day, still feeling on cloud nine, I visited Graceland for the very first time. At last I was in the house that Elvis loved and where he lived. What a day full of emotions!

This victory was born of a mixture of love and passion because Elvis and painting are all my life. There is never a day that goes by without me painting and drawing and without me listening and looking at Elvis. That’s why the idea to draw and paint the image of Elvis imposed itself upon me.

As a matter of fact, I participated in this contest because a friend talked to me about it just two months before the deadline. I have never heard about the contest called "Elvis Contest and Exhibit" before this talk. Now a part of me stayed in Graceland because I left my picture in donation and it will be exhibited there forever. It is a magic feeling to have a part of oneself there.

But after coming home I missed my picture and that’s why I did it one more time, exactly the same, so everyone should so able to see and appreciate it. People who saw my picture at Memphis appreciated it too and perhaps too much because on the night of the candlelight’s vigil, the senior account manager of the contest gave the order to take off the picture, since he feared it might be stolen! Therefore, he took the picture with him in order to making sure it was safe.

People loved and love my picture titled "Ever smiling, ever gentle on my mind " because it represents Elvis with beautiful hands, and his cheerful eyes: they say " that’s exactly Elvis!". I studied six photos to obtain that result, for the details of each rings and his watch, the implantation of his eyebrows, for his haircut… And everybody loves the way Elvis looked during this conference of his first Las Vegas season.

Of course I paint something else apart Elvis like portraits of landscapes, still life, babies and animal’s… I have been very lucky because I was on TV, in France and Switzerland, after I won this contest. And it hasn’t finished yet because soon I will do another transmission. TV’s surroundings are very interesting and that universe is very attractive. The first one I did was a live one and, to my great surprise, I was not under stress!

Positively I can thank Elvis every day for all he has given me (and still does) and I am sure it is the same thing for lots of people.

Elvis, you are not just the king, but also the God of my heart.

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