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Elvis 100% has already done some charity and/or solidarity campaigns to help some institutions who needed help, in Elvis' name, since this was always the example he gave in life. Here are also described the initiatives we have done in that regard.

Once in a while the Fan Club organizes competitions for its members. It is a way of giving them a chance to win Elvis prizes (original articles). On this section there is a description of every competition we have made so far, as well as the given prizes.

Whomever wants to know what the Fan Club's goals are, this is the section to visit.

As the title shows, this concerns the history of this Fan Club, since the day that it was created until today (chronologicaly ordered, from the most recent date until the oldest).

Elvis 100% has been doing several initiatives throughout the years, all of them originating meetings of Elvis fans: social lunches, Elvis movies screenings, etc. In here you may find a detailed description of each one of those initiatives, together with photos that register the several moments (chronologically ordered, from the most recent initiative date until the oldest).

If you want to know the magazines that this fan club has edited throughout the years, this is the section for you. It contains a detailed description of each magazine's content, as well as its respective cover and price. Besides the quarterly magazine (from January 2019 onwards, up until then it was bimonthly) that the Fan Club edits, there are also the special editions/magazines, also detailed in this section (chronologically ordered, from the most recent magazine until the oldest).

Whenever Elvis 100% was mentioned in the press and/or media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet), those references were included in this section in the form of an article, quote, description, etc. Whenever possible, photos also are published.

In this section the statutes under which Elvis 100% functions may be found. 

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