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Art Gallery
This section also contains photos of the king, but by the hand of Elvis fans. Some are accredited artists in the Elvis world, some are just his fans who are art orientated. Whoever wanted to exhibit his/her works on this website were - and are - quite welcome.

Become Member
Here you can find a brief description of how you can become a member of Elvis 100%, the fees and what you obtain in return. 

Some elements/members of this Fan Club have experienced some moments that we consider as elvistic: trips to places that are Elvis related, people from the Elvis world that they have met, concerts they have attended, etc... This section contains their stories, together with the respective photos that illustrate their experiences (chronologically ordered, from the most recent experience until the oldest).

Here is a compilation of several opinions that we have been collecting during the existence of Elvis 100%, coming from several sources, people (fans or non-fans), about our fan club, its activities, its magazine, initiatives, etc. It helps to describe this fan club, but with words, the impartiality being the most important factor of this section.

Portuguese Vinyl
Since several Elvis fans find interesting to collect Elvis vinyl records (rarer by the moment), we have a section dedicated to the records that have been released in Portugal, at least of those that we are awar of. Here you can see its covers and some aditional information.

100% Famous
Following some experiences that the Elvis fans and members of this Fan Club also experienced, this section includes just some comprovative photos of those experiences: autographed photos by people of the Elvis world, photos with friends and musicians, etc... so, it's the section dedicated to the famous people connected to Elvis.

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