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G.I. BLUES - Soundtrack

(which were sung in the movie)

1. What's She Really Like » - sung in the shower with no musical accompaniment. This partial version lasted eighteen seconds.


2. G.I. Blues » - sung in the Rathskeller Club.


3. Doin' the Best I Can » – sung in the Rathskeller Club. It was interrupted when a patron played Blue Suede Shoes on the jukebox.


4. Blue Suede Shoes » – played on a jukebox in the Rathskeller Club by a disgruntled patron, interrupting Doin’ the Best I Can.


5. Frankfort Special » – sung on the train to Frankfort.


6. Shoppin' Around » – sung in the Club Europa after first meeting Juliet Prowse.


7. Tonight Is So Right for Love » – sung in a German nightclub, the Bergreller.


8. Wooden Heart » – sung at a puppet show.


9. Pocketful of Rainbows » – sung to Juliet Prowse while riding up a mountain in a cable car.


10. Big Boots » – sung to Rick’s baby in Lili’s apartment.


11. Didja' Ever » sung at an Armed Forces show.


European prints of G.I. Blues substituted Tonight’s All Right For Love for Tonight Is So Right For Love because of copyright reasons. Reportedly, Whistling Blues was recorded for the movie, but no further information is available on the song.


(to see where the songs, or versions of the songs, were released, access each one of the songs to check the respetive discography)

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