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G.I. BLUES - Story

Tulsa McLean (Elvis Presley), a tank gunner, Cookey (Robert Ivers), a radio man and Rick (James Douglas), a tank driver, have formed a musical combination known as The Three Blazes to fill the off-hours of their Army tour of duty in West Germany. Playing odd dates, they hope to save enough money to open a small nightclub on their return to civilian life.


When a luckless G.I. is suddenly transferred to Alaska on the eve of a campaign to win a 300 dollar wager for himself and his buddies by spending the night in the room of Lili (Juliet Prowse), a cabaret dancer with a heart of ice, Tulsa is drafted to replace the departed lothario.

Legend: Elvis, as Tulsa McClean.

In a sincere effort to help his friends, and win the wager, Tulsa puts so much heart into his wooing, that he goes beyond the call of duty by falling in love with Lili. As she shows him the sights of Frankfurt, Tulsa finds Lili to be warm and agreeable, quite different from her reputation. But as the pair fall more and more under each other’s spell, little  does Lili realize that they are being constantly watched by Tulsa’s buddies to see that he is living up to the terms of the wager.


Warming to Tulsa, Lili invites him to her apartment, but not wanting to take advantage of her, he leaves shortly after.


About this time, Tulsa is also “drafted” into service as baby-sitter of the new born son of Rick and his fraulein, Marla (Sigrid Maier). Tulsa has problems with the baby and phones Lili, who tells him to bring the child to her apartment.


And so, under very innocent circumstances, Tulsa spends the night at Lili’s apartment. His buddies, who have been stationed outside the house, rejoice in the belief that he has lived up to the terms of the wager.


The following day rehearsals are underway for an Armed Forces show in which Lili and The Three Blazes are to appear. Tulsa’s sergeant (Arch Johnson) is bragging of the boy’s success, and Lili hears that she was a “military objective”.


Meanwhile, Tulsa’s commanding officer has learned of the wager and attempts to reprimand him by shipping him to another base. He also feels that an apology is due to Lili who, after hearing about the wager, believes that Tulsa’s baby-sitting chore was just an excuse for spending the night with her.


But Rick and Marla tell Lili that Tulsa was really doing them a favour by baby-sitting for them. Lili realizes her mistake and her love for Tulsa and confesses to him. He reveals that he loves her, too, and wants to marry her, just in time for the finale of the show!

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