The Civil War has taken the three Reno brothers away from home for some years and in its closing stages they are part of a marauding force out of touch with Confederate H.Q. As such, they rob a Federal train carrying an army payroll, without knowing the war was over.

When they learn this fact, Vance (Richard Egan) divides the spoils with his brothers Brett (William Campbell) and Ray (James Drury), his sergeant Mike Gavin (Neville Brand) and troopers Kelso (Ken Clark) and Fleming (L.Q. Jones).

Legend: Elvis and Debra Paget.

The three brothers head for home and the others go their own ways. But the happy reunion at the Reno home is marred by the fact that the family had been told that Vance was dead. His younger brother Clint (Elvis Presley) has married Cathy (Debra Paget), to whom Vance was betrothed. In the days that follow, Cathy makes it clear that she still loves Vance and he decides that it will be best for all if he leaves. He plans to slip away at the community picnic where Clint entertains the populace with his own type of song and dance act.

Just as Vance has told Cathy of his plans and she has been intercepted in a fit of tears by Clint, a Pinkerton detective (Robert Middleton) rides up with an U.S. Army posse inquiring about the stolen money. The Reno brothers are arrested.

Gavin, Kelso and Fleming arrive at the farm too late to warn the Reno brothers. Clint, who believes Vance to be innocent, stages a rescuew bid with them. To their surprise, Vance, when freed, makes them hand over their share of the money and plans to return it to the detective.

At the farm where their share is hidden, Vance discovers an army detachment and sends an old friend to get the money. Cathy intercepts him and stuffs the money in her blouse and meets Vance with it. In the meantime, Gavin, Kelso and Fleming persuade Clint that his brother has not only stolen the money, but Cathy as well.

Cathy is captured by Clint and the others and, when Vance, on his way to the town with the money, is told by one of his brothers that Cathy has been taken, he rides to their boyhood hideout where he knows she will be. He refuses to believe that Clint will hurt him; but the boy, half-crazed by the stories put into his head by Gavin and the others, shoots Vance as he climbs the hill to the cave. Realising what he has done, he tries to make amends, but Gavin shoots him down as he goes to Vance's side.

Back on the farm, the brothers, their mother (Mildred Dunnock) and Cathy bury Clint in the family graveyard, knowing that time is the great healer.