Glenda Markle (Lizabeth Scott) is too smart a press agent to be wasting her time on her ex-husband Tex Warner (Wendell Corey) and his Red River Ramblers, but she cannot bring herself to desert him. But for his own weaknesses, Tex could have hit the top, and he always dreams of making a comeback.

Tex and his band are taking part in a political rally in a small south-western town, trying to stir up votes for the local candidate, with little success. Glenda sees a good-looking young man, Deke Rivers (Elvis Presley) moving to the rhythm but giving it an unusal beat. Learning that he plays the guitar and sings, Glenda persuades Deke to go up to the stage and give a solo. The effect on the crowd is electrical, and Glenda realises immediately that this boy has unusual talent. Built up and cleverly publicised, Deke could be the means of getting Tex and his band back to the big cities. Deke is reluctant to give up his steady job, but through a ruse Glenda gets him to go with him.

Legend: Elvis and Lizabeth Scott.

At first, Deke merely comes out from the audience and gives a solo, but everywhere they go his turn meets with such a wild reception that when they begin to play the bigger towns he is accorded equal billing with Tex. Deke, an unassuming boy, is happy about his success but somewhat dazed by it. he is grateful to Tex and Glenda, and having them as friends seems to mean more to him than all the applause he receives. HE admires Glenda, but falls in love with Susan Jessup (Dolores Hart), a pretty young girl who also sings with the band.

One night at a cafe Deke gets involved in a fight with a boy who insults him, and is arrested. He is releasead in time for the show, and Glenda makes good use of the publicity which results from the incident. Glenda realises that Deke is not happy about the sensational publicity he is getting, and his effect on teenage audiences is causing controversy in high places.

During a break in engagements Deke goes home with Susan to her parents' farm, and his few days with these homely people are the happiest Deke has ever spent. But, Glenda arrives to drag him away. On the drive back to town, Deke tells Glenda of the terrible loneliness of his childhood. She is deeply touched.

In Freegate, Texas, the Mayor forbids the show to take place after demonstrations from the mothers of the town agains the harmful influence on the teenagers of Deke's singing. Deke wants to leave the band and give up his mode of life, but Glenda, by making him believe she is in love with him, persuades him to remain and appear on a nation-wide telecast she has arranged which will tell the story of his life. But just before the telecast is due to start, Deke learns from Tex that Glenda had been his wife. Dissillusioned, his idol fallen, Deke makes his escape and drives away.

The TV show is on. The various people being interviewed about Deke are playing for time, while Glenda goes after him. Susan is just telling the audience that Deke has ran away because he is unhappy that his act should cause so much dissersion when he appears on stage. The simple song he sings - for Susan - Loving You, captivates everyone, and he is completely vindicated. And when he goes into a song in his usual beat he carries his audience with him.

A proeminent TV executive, anxious for Deke to sign a TV contract, finds his task complicated by the fact that the two couples - Deke and Susan and Tex and Glenda - are more interested in each other than in singing their passports to even greater fame!