1st) Promote, protect and respect Elvis Presley's name and his work in the media.

2nd) Take to our members all the updated information about what is going on in Elvis world, as well as all his past history, through a magazine (and special editions of other magazines).

3rd) Make the Fan Club available to all the media (radio, tv and press) in order to help them with any subject Elvis Presley's related.

4th) Support every activity promoted by the Fan Club's members, their peers and other interested people in order to share ideas, social gatherings and friendship.

5th) Try to get members in the Portuguese speaking countries all over the world. The magazine is, therefore, a way to take the Portuguese language to Portuguese people and luso descendants. The feedback will be interesting, since those people belong to different countries and share different cultures, having experienced an Elvis Presley generation in another country - from the cultural point of view this is very important for the Fan Club.

6th) Act very closely with schools and other entities, promote debates not just on Elvis and his influence on music, but also on every decade he lived (30's - 70's), on other performers, the society of those days, mentalities, habits, etc., therefore teaching the younger generations how those years were like, not only from the musical point of view, but also from the cultural and social ones.

7th) Join efforts in order to make or support cultural events (theatre plays, ballets, exhibitions or any other kind of shows) Elvis Presley related or related to the music of his time.

8th) Represent Portugal in Fan Club's get togethers abroad.

9th) Make donations to institutions who work directly with people that are somehow in need, therefore following one of the most important aspects of Elvis Presley's work (to keep on with the charity work he always did, in his name).

10th) Foment the collecting of vinyl - it is a strongly established activity in other countries - since it lacks support and advertising in Portugal.

11th) To act jointly with Cinemateca Portuguesa (the Portuguese Museum of Cinema) so thematic movie cycles can be done, so great works and great actors can be remembered, and the young ones can broaden their knowledge and the older ones can recollect.

12th) Use the Fan Club, namely its Internet site, to promote Portugal in the world, the touristic destinies, its gastronomy, music, literature and the great names of this country (it can easily be managed through the publishing of written articles by the members of the Fan Club).

13th) Try to find, in a medium term, a space where the historical, cultural and artistic patrimony of Elvis Presley and his career can be preserved and promoted.

14th) Give that space a social and entertaining character, where the many above-mentioned cultural events can take place.

15th) Organization of a library of books and videos, as well as an archive of several important documents, where the easy access to not always easy to find information would be available for everyone who likes Elvis Presley.

16th) Possibility of maintaining and establishing protocols with other organizations, national and international, as well as with companies that may contribute to make some of the proposed goals come true.

17th) Cooperate with every entity that is well-known for its good taste and seriousness and which goals are identified, in same way, with the goals of the Elvis 100% - Still Rockin'! Fan Club.

Board of Directors
Elvis 100%