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Social Lunch Transformed in Mini Convention

Left: Serafim Cortizo, dancing a little bit. Above: Isabel Lousada, Sandra Santos, Humberto Ladeira, Serafim Cortizo, Victor Rodrigues, Mª. Antónia Pereira, Célia Carvalho, José Simões, Virgínia Rebelo, José Rodrigues, Ana Rita Simões, Júlia Nunes, Augusto Simões, Fernanda Ramos, Carlos Santos, Carlos Silva and Carla Vieira.

What started as a lunch for the Board of Directors announced in our Magazine Nº 1, ended up as a real fans gathering after all. Some even commented that it was a mini-fans convention!

We are very pleased with the receptivity with which our members accepted our suggestion and with their presence at Café da Palha Restaurant, in Parque das Nações, on the 2nd June, mainly because no-one knew one another. It was a success! There was a bit of everything: Elvis music on the sound system of the restaurant during the whole lunch and after, which caused the curiosity of the passers-by and our amusement; a little dance for some (the 1st floor of the restaurant was all for ourselves and there was lots of space to dance) and a little singing for others.

José João Simões, Célia Carvalho, Isabel Lousada, Carlos Santos and Sandra Santos.     Carlos Santos and Humberto Ladeira.
Legends: Fernanda Ramos and Carlos Santos. / Ana Rita Simões, Maria Júlia Rodrigues and Augusto Simões.

The Fan Club offered an Elvis mirror-photo to all the members. And none of them left without taking the special edition of "Elvis In Portugal" magazine (go to Magazines). Lots of pictures were taken, by the organization members and all the rest - it looked like a wedding...! We feel flattered that so many members wanted to take photos with us - and we feel loved as well. The compliments you did to our work will not be forgotten either.

Isabel Lousada and Sandra Santos.    Victor Rodrigues, Mª Antónia Pereira and Célia Carvalho.
Legends: Isabel Lousada and Sandra Santos. / Victor Rodrigues, Maria Antónia Pereira and Célia Carvalho.

The following people were present: the 4 elements of the Board of Directors, Ana Rita Simões, Humberto Ladeira, Victor Rodrigues, Carlos Silva and Carla Vieira, Júlia Nunes and Augusto Simões, Maria Antónia Pereira, Virgínia Rebelo and José Rodrigues, Isabel Lousada, Fernanda Ramos and Serafim Cortizo. We thank Humberto for having taken his guitar and for the entertainment it provided; to the people who came from faraway, especially Victor and Virgínia, we thank your presence. We thank Mª Antónia for having taken so many articles of her personal collection to share with us. However, the appreciation is general when we say: Thank You so much for having been there! We loved to meet you and we hope to count with you all in similar events and also in our party of the 15th September.

Carlos Silva and Carla.    Mª Virgínia Rebelo, José Rodrigues and José João Simões.
Legends: Carlos Silva and Carla Vieira. / Virgínia Rebelo, José Rodrigues and José João Simões.

The ones feeling sad for not having been able to be there - Paulo Quintino, Manuel Monteiro, Olga Susana, Lu Maria, Miguel Santos, Nelson Anjos, Miguel Ângelo, Cristina Marques, Ivone Serôdio, Mário Correia, Paula Correia, Cristina Santos, Carlos Silva, Piedade Salvador, Etelvina Brázia and Tito Seixas, among others – we hope that the photos we are showing here will help you to have an idea of what happened. We are sorry that Lu Ribeiro (from Quarteira) couldn't be present, since she had a surprise for us on that day - however, for professional reasons, she couldn't be there. Maybe next time.

It is being wonderful to work for you!

Fernanda Ramos and Carlos Santos. Ana Rita Simões, Mª Júlia Nunes and Augusto Simões.
Legends: Fernanda Ramos and Carlos Santos. / Ana Rita Simões, Maria Júlia Rodrigues and Augusto Simões.

Humberto Ladeira and Serafim Cortizo. Ana Rita Simões, showing the mirror-Elvis-photo we offered all members on that day.
Legends: Humberto Ladeira and Serafim Cortizo. / Ana Rita, showing off the mirror Elvis photo that everyone received on this day.

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