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69th Elvis' Birthday and 3rd Elvis 100%'s Anniversary

On January 17th the 3rd anniversary of Elvis 100% and the 69th birthday of Elvis Presley were celebrated. We are pleased to inform that many people came to join us, both members and their friends and musicians/singers/friends that made themselves available to supply the music and the voice for free as entertainment. The room was full and the socializing environment was pleasant and amusing.

Legends: Jaime Pereira, on bass. / Elvis pillow, owned by Pedro de Freitas Branco.

The event itself started after dinner, which price decreased from € 15,00 to € 10,00/person. Before the show started, Carlos Santos and Célia Carvalho, as President and Vice-President of the Fan Club, welcomed everybody, explained the reason why we were all together on that day and thanked the commitment of everyone involved: to the “A Passarola” Restaurant and the musicians and singers for the involved work regarding the sound equipment and instruments on stage. We took the chance to do a raffle on an Elvis CD, Loving You, among all the members that were present. Daniel Bacelar was the lucky one.

Legends: Carlos Santos and Célia Carvalho, President and Vice-President of Elvis 100%, welcoming everybody. / Pedro de Freitas Branco.

Zé Luís, of Ekos, singing Today Tomorrow And Forever. / Luís de Freitas Branco.

And the show began! On stage were Luís de Freitas Branco (acoustic guitar and voice), Pedro de Freitas Branco (electric guitar and voice), Caínhas (drums) Zé Pino (electric guitar), Jaime Pereira (bass) and Daniel Bacelar (voice). These elements also compose the Grand Canyon Band.  

The versions of the Elvis songs that they presented to us after some weeks of rehearsal, were very personal versions, but not less interesting and fun. The musicians varied a little throughout the show, as it was the case of Adrien Ransy and Michel Mounier (both on drums), Luís Rosa (guitar) and the Old Blues Band, who have contributed with a very personal part of the show, exclusively on Blues and which added a new flavour to the show.

Legends: Luís Rosa, of The Ekos. / Daniel Bacelar.

Daniel Bacelar also paid a small tribute to his idol, Ricky Nelson, with beautiful songs by this singer. His introduction before he sang was quite interesting. Daniel Bacelar confessed that he had never liked Elvis Presley (even though Elvis was Ricky Nelson’s idol), but when he was suddenly confronted with the news on his death in New York after he turned on the TV set of his hotel room, he was quite shocked because he felt that, even without liking him, the world had lost something quite special and would never be quite the same. Only after Elvis’ death and also because he joined our Fan Club, Daniel started to get familiar with Elvis’ work and he arrived to the following conclusion: “Ricky Nelson may well be The Prince Charming, but The King, that one is, without any doubt, Elvis Presley.” This only shows, once again, that it is never too late to be swept away by the Elvis magic.

Legends: Jorge Branco, responsible for the sound, and Gabi. / Adrien Ransy, on drums.

Another beautiful and welcomed intervention was done by two elements of the 60’s group, Os Ekos, Zé Luís (voice and acoustic guitar), Luís Rosa (acoustic guitar) and Franklin (keyboards). By our request, the sang a version of the song Today Tomorrow And Forever, which during the sixties they have recorded in a Portuguese version, with much more rhythm than Elvis’. Tonight they sang it in Portuguese and English, in a slow version like Elvis’ which, as far as we are concerned, turned out to be excellent. We also noted that it was an honest and deeply felt tribute.



by Dr. Carlos Morais dos Santos

It’s the amorous expressions and the shakes of your body
It’s the multicoloured nuances of your voice
It’s the languid caresses of your love songs
It’s the strong sounds of your provoking singing
Which stir the frenzy of the sensual choreography
Which rock the chastity of the puritan prejudices
Which freely shake the contained emotions
Which make you strange, exotic, but magical
But it’s that delirious and breathtaking fire
But it’s that restless, crazy and sweet music
But it’s in those body movements in delirium
That we recognize you as a symbol of liberation
That we have crowned you of Rock, Elvis, our King
That we still sing you today, our brother.

Legend: Dr. Carlos Morais dos Santos, reading his poem.

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