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Lunch at Café da Palha - How It Was

On the last 25th September another social-lunch of the Board of Directors took place, at Café da Palha Restaurant (Parque das Nações). Several other members joined us. It was another pleasant day spent in the company of people who shares the same feelings for the King. There was exchange and selling of products, sharing of new collection items and Elvis music playing in the restaurant. As it’s been usual in these meetings, a raffle of two CD’s (original Elvis articles) was done among the present members. The lucky ones were Etelvina Brázia and Filomena Silva. Besides all this, all members were given a offer of the day, related to Elvis, of course. And now we leave you with some illustrative photos of the event:

Legends: Daniel Bacelar and Célia Carvalho. / Etelvina Brázia, Fernanda Ramos and Serafim Cortizo.

Legends: Célia Carvalho and José João Simões,  welcoming the members/friends. / Maria Antónia Pereira and Serafim Cortizo.

Legends: Part of the gang, at the table. / Carlos Santos.

Legends: Carlos Silva, with some friends of Filomena Silva. / Carlos Silva, looking at Carla Vieira and their son, Miguel.

Legends: Sandra Santos and Filomena Silva, joined by her son (it was his birthday) and some of his friends. / Maria Cortizo, Custódia, Fernanda and Daniel Bacelar and José João Simões.

Legends: Etelvina Brázia, Fernanda Ramos and Serafim Cortizo. / Maria Antónia Pereira, showing off her Elvis purse, in the company of Maria Cortizo.

Legends: Carla Vieira and her son, Miguel. / Serafim, showing off the gift his mother gave him that day. / Sandra Santos and her son, César.

We are sorry not every member was captured in photo.

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