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Elvis Presley - 70 Years - The Celebration

The weekend of the 9th and 10th April was one of celebration. Elvis 100%, in a joint partnership with Fnac of Almada Fórum, united efforts in an activity that contemplated the imagens, the music and the great performances of the King.

Legends: Ana Rita Simões, in front of the promotional poster. / Screening of That's The Way It Is.

During the whole weekend Elvis' music filled Fnac's environment, together with some vinyl records in exhibition. The promotional poster that Fnac made to promote this weekend,as well as the respective activities' schedule in their cultural agenda, were very welcomed by all the fans. The leaflets that Elvis 100% made to advertise the fan club and its activities were spread all over Fnac and the general public took them.

Legends: Célia Carvalho and Victor Rodrigues. / Marta Simões, enjoying the event.

The highest moment in the afternoon of the 9th was the screening of the documentary That's The Way It Is. The room was full and the interest of the present people was obvious, mainly unknown people, who did not know the movie, but who remained there anyway.

On the same day, at 09:00 pm, what possibly was the first talk show on Elvis' music in Portugal took place. It were 90 minutes listening to the great successes, mixed with brief explanations on each theme. The present public showed interest during this audio session.

Legends: Carlos Santos and José João Simões, on the audio session with music in vinyl. / Maria Antónia Pereira and Daniel Bacelar.

The slide show - with emblematic photos of the several phases of Elvis career - was permanent during the whole weekend, except when other activities took place on stage.

Legends: The room was full to see The Racoons. / The Racoons vocalist, singing an Elvis theme.

On the 10th there was a screening of the documentary The Great Performances - From The Waist Up and, to close the weekend, the live show of the band The Racoons, very much applauded and relaxed on their performance. They played some of the biggest successes by Elvis to a full room.

Legends: The Racoons live, with images of the king in slide-show in the background. / The Racoons live, with very personal interpreations of the King's themes.

We end by thanking all the cooperation by Fnac and its staff, very determined since the beginning in helping us to keep the legend alive. As the Communications person at Fnac of Almada Fórum said, "It's perfectly clear that this was a work done by a group of passionate people." We also have to thank the band The Racoons, who immediately offered to do a tribute show, for free, in a relaxed but also very professional manner. It was very good to promote Elvis and Elvis 100% throughout new people. The only thing we regret is the almost total absence of Elvis 100%'s members. But we thank each one of them who, even without participating in every event, showed up in one or two of the scheduled activities or just to congratulate us for our work.